Zirconia crowns and bridges provide the esthetics of an all-ceramic with the strength of a PFM.

A natural-looking porcelain on zirconia coping that exhibits impressive strength for an affordable price, zirconia crowns and bridges have no metal to show through the ceramic and no unsightly black lines at the gingival.

The fracture toughness and flexural strength of zirconia crowns and bridges are significantly higher than traditional crowns.  Zirconia crowns and bridges are cemented conventionally with resin ionomers and exhibit outstanding biocompatibility in the mouth, making it a great alternative to metal crowns.


Full Zirconia

If there is a need for a strong, all-ceramic, cost-effective crown, look no further than our Full Zirconia.  Zirconia crowns offer exceptional toughness and strength, but have weak points, relatively speaking, between the porcelain and zirconia coping.  The Full Zirconia crown eliminates this problem by being made from a single unit of zirconia.  By fashioning a crown using this method, a seamless, nearly fracture-free crown can be achieved.